Ask anyone who wears contact lenses about their initial fitting and you will be inundated with extensive feedback about the experience. Most people understandably struggle to make the transition from glasses (or no eyewear at all) to contact lenses as these small lenses are comparably obtrusive. After all, contact lenses are foreign objects placed atop the eyes to improve eyesight. A comprehensive eye exam performed by Dr. Bei Zhang is necessary prior to the contact lens fitting. The eye doctor will determine your exact prescription and also ensure your eyes are healthy enough to accommodate contact lenses. The next step is the actual fitting in which the eye doctor helps determine which lenses are optimal for your unique lifestyle and preferences. From weekly contact lenses to the monthly variety, daily variety and beyond, there are all sorts of options available for those who want to transition away from glasses.

Once the eye doctor takes accurate measurements of your eyes and performs a tear film evaluation to ensure your eyes can create the tears necessary to keep contact lenses moist, you will be instructed how to properly place contact lenses on your eyes. Our friendly optometrist will guide you through this process no matter how long it takes until you are perfectly comfortable putting contacts in place on your own. The eye doctor will also teach you how to care for your contact lenses to get your dollar’s worth and also prevent infections and other issues.