1. Introduction
Low dose atropine eye drops have been shown to be effective in reducing myopia progression without an adverse effect on vision-related quality of life. Slowing of myopia progression is expected but not guaranteed. We are excited to journey together with your family in this program now and into the future. We are committed to be available along this journey and we ask for your commitment to the visit schedule and compliance with the low dose Atropine treatment.

2. Usage

Low-dose atropine for myopia is used for children between 5 and 18 years old. The drops are placed in the eye each night at bedtime. Side effects of atropine drops at low doses may include light sensitivity, redness or itchiness around the eye.

If at any time during the program your child experiences severe redness and allergic reaction you should contact our practice to speak with your doctor.

3. Follow-Up Visits

This is an expected visit schedule to monitor your child’s progression. Your doctor will determine the most appropriate interval and number of visits, all included in the program.

4. Costs

Program fee for OD services NOT including Atropine Eye Drops (each year): $350.00

If your child should discontinue the program within the first 60 days, $175.00 will be refunded to you. After 60 days, there are no refunds. [Option to apply $ to other myopia management treatments]

The Annual Comprehensive Eye Exam is NOT included in the Myopia Management program.

Parents pay for the Atropine Eye Drops at OSRX Pharmaceuticals Online Portal, a bottle of 0.025% /

0.05% Atropine 3.5ml for 1 drop at both eyes at night normally lasts for 1 month, about $45 per OSRX.

Diagnosis and treatment of any eye infection, corneal abrasions, or other eye conditions other than myopia are not part of the Myopia Management Program with Atropine Eye Drops and are therefore subject to additional expenses and, if applicable, your medical insurance co-pays and deductibles.

Brilliant Futures Myopia Management Program Agreement