Scleral lenses are rapidly growing in popularity. If you have an irregular cornea or an ocular surface disease, you should seriously consider scleral lens fitting. You can find out more about scleral lens fittings and whether this approach is ideal for your ocular health by contacting our office at (925) 463-3530 (Pleasanton Office) or (510) 792-6842 (Newark Office). Whether you are looking to improve your vision or reduce your ocular discomfort, scleral lens fitting is worth consideration. However, some patients are not good candidates for scleral lenses so be sure to meet with the doctor before getting your hopes up for a scleral lens fitting.

Scleral lens fittings are particularly helpful for those suffering from the progressive eye disease known as keratoconus that turns the round cornea into the shape of a thin cone. A scleral lens fitting sets the stage for the light to be bent properly for optimal visual clarity and ocular health.

Scleral lenses are large enough that they can extend past the cornea to rest on the white section of the eye referred to as the sclera. The scleral lens move across the cornea without actually contacting it. The doctor then adds a specialized saline fluid to the area between the eye and the lens, generating clear vision and the optimal comfort.